Matt Stark
Matt Stark

Matt Stark is a consummate contemporary stylist and London's leading hair stylist.

Since the inception of the Stark brand in 2008 many factors have enabled the unquestionable success it has enjoyed. People, hair, vision, experience and style.

Throughout his considerable career Matt Stark brings the belief that "quality of skill and service" is what define him from others.

From his main London Headquarters at The Refinery at Harrods in Knightsbridge the Stark model of stripped back surroundings but the delivery of everything has spread throughout Europe. From salons to seminars, from artwork to film Stark, Matt Stark is in demand.

Matt says, "All of my clients expect discretion and perfection, the best, and that is exactly what they get." Diversity is a focus at Starks also. Searching for products and treatments that are centred on you.

Others cut hair very well but Stark clients expect more, the aim at Starks is to make you feel fantastic and look even better, every time.

To make an appointment with Matt, please call 01702 713388

APPOINTMENTS: 01702 713388